Thursday, March 24, 2011

Halloween 2010

This year we let Leah pick her own costume....she of course choose to be a princess...not any princess but the PINK princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. I started shopping for her costume and found it was like $30+ and didn't want to spend that on a costume! I decided to try to get on off E-bay. On the very morning I was looking on E-bay I got a message for a neighbor, who I only met once, asking me if I wanted their Sleeping Beauty costume because their daughter had grown out or it! Leah was thrilled with the costume!

Grant could not decide what he wanted to be....he would change his mind over and over. He finally decided on Zelda.....there were no Zelda costumes anywhere so we made out own!

Leah and the girls next door at the trunk or treat

Kevin all dressed up!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Fall Fun at lookout mountain

Back in October...yes almost 6 months ago...we drove out to Look Out Mountain. I have been out here for weddings but we have never gone as a family. We started at lookout mountain and went on a little nature walk. The kids had fun collecting pine cones.

Then we drove to Buffalo Bill's grave. This is where they actually have a great view of Denver. We visited the little store and at a little snack.

Finally we finished our outing with a walk around Golden and a nice dinner and a little outdoor cafe.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Errand of Angels

My friend Melissa just posted this on her blog. It is exactly what I want to say, but written MUCH MUCH better. Please follow the link,

Friday, January 7, 2011

Leah's first field trip

Leah took her first field trip to the pumpkin patch. I went with her. She was so cute....but shy! She would not leave my side. She did not say anything...except "I want to ride in the pink one". When we first arrive Leah noticed the barrel ride and she whispered that she wanted the pink one. Leah likes everything to be pink. She did pick a pumpkin but said she didn't want it, Grant could have it, because it was not pink. She did feed the animals but only because I made her. She did however LOVE the barrel ride. We were one of the last to get to the ride and of course all the pink barrels were taken. We asked a nice girl if we could share and thank goodness she said yes.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Corn Maze 2010

This is our third year going to the corn maze at the Chatfield Botanic Gardens. Since we have a membership we get in for free on the preview weekend. It is nice that it is free but it is always too early and WARM. It does not even feel like fall yet. This year we got there a bit late and it was getting dark so we only did half the maze. The kids had fun as always. I am sure we will be going again next year!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

First Day of School - 2010

2nd grade!! Really how is that possible. I can't believe Grant is old enough to be a second grader. This year the district built a new school in our neighborhood. It is nice the have the school so close but I do miss not have the bus anymore :) Grant loves his teacher and his class. So far second grade is going well for him!

Leah also started pre-school! She will have 2 years of pre-school. Right now she only goes two days a week for 2 hours. She loves it. She is very shy (she did not take after me...must take after Kevin). She is finally (after 4 months) talking to the teachers. She talks up a storm at home! She was most excited to get a new princess backpack.

See how much Grant has grown.....

1st grade2nd grade

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Draven Visits

Draven, Grant's cousin, came to visit. Yes I know these are old but just live with it, it was August. Draven is just a couple years older than Grant. They have so much fun together. I am so glad they have each other. Most of the other cousins are much older. We decided to go over to the reservoir. The kids love it. It is so close I don't know what we doing go more often. They mostly build sand castles. They swim a bit but it is usually too cold...they are spoiled and the clubhouse pool is heated. Leah was bugging the big boys but all in all it was a fun day. I wish Draven lived closer.