Thursday, March 24, 2011

Halloween 2010

This year we let Leah pick her own costume....she of course choose to be a princess...not any princess but the PINK princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. I started shopping for her costume and found it was like $30+ and didn't want to spend that on a costume! I decided to try to get on off E-bay. On the very morning I was looking on E-bay I got a message for a neighbor, who I only met once, asking me if I wanted their Sleeping Beauty costume because their daughter had grown out or it! Leah was thrilled with the costume!

Grant could not decide what he wanted to be....he would change his mind over and over. He finally decided on Zelda.....there were no Zelda costumes anywhere so we made out own!

Leah and the girls next door at the trunk or treat

Kevin all dressed up!

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Mortensen Baby Farm said...

Too cute! Makes me want candy!